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Acid rain, algae, moss pollution and road dust have a detrimental effect on the surfaces of our buildings and structures. If left untreated over time these unsightly effects can be permanent. A dirty building can have a negative effect upon a company’s image, or could deter a potential home buyer.

At Ever Shine Cleaning Company we offer a professional wall cleaning service. We employ professionals who can expertly clean your exterior walls and have them looking brand new in no time. We have specialised detergents and solvents that will remove any stains or marks as well as the appropriate sealants to revitalise the original surface. These are applied in a systematic and methodical way to ensure complete coverage.

Cleaning your exterior walls will restore them to their former glory and give it a new lease of life at a much lower cost than re painting. It will ensure it lasts for another 2-3 years in good condition before needing another treatment. We use quality products which means you will receive the best service combined with great results. So let us protect your investment! call now for a free no-obligation quote!

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